Follow Me Crisis

No matter which provider I am using, when I have follow me enabled, 75% of my calls that come to my cell phone have no audio. It tells me “you have an incoming call…” and I press 1, and both callers do not hear a thing.
freepbx 2.4 and trixbox 2.6
Anyone know what to do?


Hmmm, that sounds a little strange. The two things that pop into my head are:

  1. Do you have enough RTP ports open for the call volume?
  2. Are both calls trying to use one g729 license?
    Both are just wild stabs at what could be wrong.

Have you done a sip set debug to watch what is happening on the call?

I have RTP ports 10000-20000 open
not using g729. using ulaw
I will do a sip debug when it happens again

I had an outbound route using 99| prefix to use a special provider but even when I switch providers the same thing happens. So I just took off the 99 from the follow me and let it call my cell phone using the regular route (which I really dont want to do) and so far everything works normally. Very strange

A friend of mine had a problem like this and he had to disable reinvites. I think he had to get his carrier to modify that setting also, but I don’t remember.

it looks like reinvites are off
this is a vitelity trunk