Follow Me Caller ID’s

Hi firstly let me apologies if this has been asked before or it’s a really dumb question

When I use the follow me settings to forward calls to an external mobile number within FreePBX it appears to set the caller id as the number that is calling into asterisk

this causes the call not to be made as my VOIP provider requires a specific account based caller ID to be sent to authenticate

Required Solution
is it possible to force follow me settings to use a specific outbound caller ID?

Any help would be appreciated with this problem


there’s a checkbox on the trunk page, “Never Override CallerID” - read the tooltip to get info.

Hi thanks for the answer I have used this setting but as I understand it it only presents one CID number per trunk where as I need it to present a number of different CID’s on one trunk based on the extension that is being forwarded.

I don’t believe this is being done or have I misunderstood how it’s needs to be configured
In essence I have three extension with different UK Phone numbers which all go out on the same trunk so if I set the caller id on the trunk it will present fort all three extensions when they get forworded to external locations which is not what I want any ideas

I am having the same problem…

follow-me/forwarded calls never set the extension’s callerid in the current implementation. What you are asking for is a feature request.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Yes, that would be feature nice to have.

Currently, we have CID prefix for CallerID name (add letter before the Caller’s CalerID name). Hope we can have a similar feature to add number before the caller’s CallerID and pass on the modified CallerID to external destinations.

All, I can’t seem to force a specific caller ID # when I use follow me.
Since this topic seems to be related, I thought I might bring it up here.

I actually want the caller ID of the calling party to pass through to my mobile phone, but for some reason my DID for my trunk gets sent…how do I change that?

Thank you.

it might not be possible. It is all up to your trunk provider and their rules. Some providers will only allow the number to be one of the numbers your own, others use it for billing purposed and will reject the call, others will only allow you to change the ending of the number but keep the prefix. So start by talking to your provider to be sure you can.

Also in the US, some states consider spoofing caller ID illegal and you might be in one of those so it is just NOT allowed.