Follow-Me Call Signaling

As of a little over a month ago we started experiencing an issue where a call comes in and if it rolls to our 2nd device before we answer - then picking up the handset of the first phone (Which is still ringing) doesn’t ever connect the call. So long as we answer before the find me rule hits we don’t have any issues.

Has anyone else experiencing anything like this?

Are you saying that the call is lost, or just that it can only be picked up from the next phone.

In the first case, if you you are using SIP and you lose a CANCEL packet, Asterisk is still going to continue to the next phone whilst it retries the cancellation of the first call.

So in my case for example- i’m using RingAll V2 to roll calls from my desk phone to my cell phone after 6 seconds. Now once that 6 second mark hits and my cell starts ringing if I attempt to answer the call on my still ringing desk phone the call never connects and my cell remains ringing. My only option to take the call would be to answer it on my cell phone unconditionally which defeats the purpose of using RingAll V2 in the first place.

What do you hear on the deskphone side when you attempt? Nothing? “This call has been answered elsewhere…”, etc.?

What version of FreePBX/Asterisk and FMFM module?

Is the primary extension in the follow-me list?

Might be good to look at a log of the failed call:
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I hear nothing, no messages or tones. I initially anticipated getting an error or busy tone if I waited long enough which never occurred. I will have to validate if it ultimately just hangs up

I wonder if it is a signaling issue. Maybe the network changed? But if that were the case I would expect other issues (just making and receiving calls from the desk phones). A log will be helpful.

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