Follow-me, but only during work hours

i created and thought it would see more up votes …

i had my first request to limit follow-me hours recently and the thought of a TC per DID was disheartening, not to mentuion it still leaves it open to tranfers

if you dont catch it inbound with a TC the only other option i see would be specifing an outbound route for the follow-me number and associating a time group with it - of couse this would then prevent any direct dials to the number from other sources on the pbx as well :frowning:

if you’ve encoutered this request how are you handing it today ?

if you have ideas on how me might do so in the future please use the issues ticket

simplest way is to put a FM toggle BLF on the phones,

hmm ~

users then have to remember to toggle the feature - this isn’t like requiring queue agents to log on and log off…

anyway i understand users can manually do this with a phone , via UCP , or some backdoor feature code that manipulate the follow-me in realtime, they just don’t want to - the point was a need for this to be auto-magic via some schedule

There is a point where not all solutions are technical n nature. We have a tendency to look for tech solutions to everything, and too often our pride in being to say “I can do anything” stops us from saying just plain No, can’t be done.

When a solution will add so much complexity to solve a user from taking the responsibility of pushing a single button twice a day, it is not worth doing.