Follow-Me Audio Problems

I have set up follow me and it is giving a very weird issue.

We have dahdi lines set up and when someone calls into the office system both the persons extension and their cell phone rings (by design). The problem we are having is that when the user picks up the call from their cell phone it sounds as if they are a long ways away from their phone. (as if they were on speaker phone and across the room almost).

I have asked them if they are on speaker phone, have a new case for their cell etc. and they say nothing has changed. They say that the issue is only present when the call comes through follow-me. If you call their cell directly there is no issue.

I am completely stumped and don’t even know what I should be looking for in logs regarding this problem. (Remember, we are using analogue external and internal lines for this extension so it isn’t a bandwidth issue)

I appreciate the help!

Thanks again!

My guess is that your dahdi RX/TX gains are way off, the more calls you string in a row (bridge) the farther away they will sound.