Follow Me Annountment Question

I would like the Announcement in Followme to play, once it has rung the primary extension for a given period of time. Using ringallv2 strategy with Initial Ring Time set, it appears that the announcement is played regardless of weather this value is set or is 0. The ringallv2 strategy appears to work , ie it will ring the primary extension for this period of time before moving onto the Followme List, however I wouldnt expect or rather dont want the announcement to be played until it has moved onto the Followme List.

Is this possible ? I am guessing I could probably achieve the same by removing the announcement from the Followme settings and defining a ring group with the announcement set and forward to that if there is no answer, but its a bit long winded.

Could the ringallv2 strategy be changed so that the announcement would play once it has exhausted the value set in the Initial Ring Time ?

I’m using FreePBX v2.4rc1.1 btw


I recently upgraded to (using Trixbox CE) and this has been changed from the way it was handled in the past. Previous versions would ring the primary extension first and then play the announcement to the caller and ring the other extensions in the list. I understand that changes were made to improve the user experience but this was done at the callers expense. Before the caller would wait for x number of seconds for the user to answer, then hear a message that the user was being located. This would make the caller stay on the line longer because they were receiving feedback from the system that something was happening. Now they receive no feedback and assume the person they are calling is not available ( My cell provider takes to much time to connect the call) and they hang up. We are getting a lot of missed calls because many of our people go into the field 2-3 days a week and depend on the followme to send the call to them. Please return this back to the previous functionality or give us a control that will give us the same results.