Follow-me Announcement after extension rings?

I’d like to have a recording play after the main extension rings X number of times. The recording would say, “please continue to hold while we locate the person their cell phone”.

I have two questions:

  1. If I put the recording either as an announcement or as “on hold” music in the follow-me screen, the recording is heard as soon as the extension is dialed. I did remove the extension as an explicit entry on the follow-me screen, and only have the external cell phone number listed. Is there a way I can only have the recording kick in after a few seconds (in case the caller wasn’t at their desk)?

  2. After the recording plays, I would like to have the caller hear ringing. That’s the behavior I get if I make the recording an announcement on the Follow Me screen, but then the extension doesn’t even dial until the announcement is over. To me, that’s dead time. If I make the announcement “music on hold” it endlessly repeats. Is there a sound file I can get of ringing that I can splice onto the end of my music on hold recording to simulate what I want?