Follow me and Wireshark


I have TrixBox CE v2.6.0.0. I want to configure the follow me feature but I cant find this option in the setup menu. Do I need to install a specific package or module?

Recently I installed Wireshark package but I dont know how to access to this program´s GUI.

I would appreciate your help.

not trying to be negitive here but…

trixbox is a BAD distro. it has a bad installation script that does not install many, mant things… Check the trixfox forums and you’ll see. They came out with which also had issues jsut not as bad. The latest is, which I’ve seen people post problems about but can’t tell you if it is a user/setup issue or distro problem at this time.

So start off by re-installing a clean copy of

And before you ask there is NOT a way to upgrade to from as it is a hosed install with key missing components.