Follow me and phone logons


I need to know whether FreePBX supports a feature that I call FollowMe, but looking at the Follow Me module might not be the same as the FreePBX version.

I want to allow users to type in a code on the phone that identifies them and then have calls to their extension number sent to that handset.

So Director A has extension 100. He goes to Hot Desk 1 and types in #54100 (for example) or presses a soft button on the Yealink phone and types 100. FreePBX knows that he is on that handset and sends calls to ext 100 to that phone.

Can that be done? If so, what’s the correct FreePBX name for that feature?


Device and user mode supports hotdesking as you have described.

Great. Thanks for the tip.

And is “Device and User Mode” the correct catchy terminology for that? Follow Me appears to be more of a fancy ring pattern setup in the FreePBX world.