Follow me and "in use" BLF

Hello. We have “follow me” enabled for several extensions. Each endpoint has a BLF button to turn follow me on and off and it works perfectly - forwarding the call to a mobile.

However, the problem occurs when a call is answered on the mobile phone. Normally, when a call is answered by the extension that BLF key changes to red to indicate that it is in use. But, when the call is answered on the “follow me” mobile the BLF returns to green - indicating available.

My question is: How can I get the key to change to red whilst the “follow me” call is active?

“Core Show Hints” shows

No call both extensions. Both extensions “Not in use”.
Ext 1 calls Ext 2. Ext 2 answers. Both extensions “In use”.
Ext 1 calls Ext 2. Follow me mobile answers. Ext 1 shows “In use”, Ext 2 shows “Idle”.

I can add a generic hint in extensions_custom.conf for the mobile number but there must be a better way. Any suggestions?


Once the call is sent some place else, the extension is not busy. So why would you expect the extension to show busy? It does not matter if it is a cell phone, some other extension, a ring group, or whatever.

I don’t expect the extension to show busy. I want to make it show busy. However, I have found a workaround. In case it helps anyone else my rather ugly and convoluted solution is: -

Create Custom Extension 701 to dial Local/[email protected]
Add 701 to real extension follow me instead of 07712345678#.
Add &Local/[email protected] suffix to the real exten => entry in extensions_custom.conf

The BLF will now stay red when the call is answered on the mobile.

It works, but it’s not pretty. It’s a shame a hint for 701 isn’t generated directly or better yet a hint for the real extension generated when a follow me call is active.

If anyone has a better solution. I would love to hear it.

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