Follow me and extension's no answer destination

There is the following setup:
I’m using FreePBX on the distro.

There is small office with 2 phones which have their own sip account. This office has a virtual extension with a follow me list where these two extensions are registered with the firstnotonphone method. The ‘no answer’ route for the follow me is set to a queue.

This works well but the following situation is ignored: Let’s say one phone is busy and the other is able to take calls. Initial Ring time for the virtual extension is set to 0. The available extension rings but after the maximum ring time (10 seconds) the follow me decides to put the call into the queue. But I want the ‘no answer’ destination for that extension which was rung and not the ‘no answer’ destination for the follow me list.

Is it possible to use the ‘firstnotonphone’ feature and stick to the first found phone and use the phone’s no answer. When no phone is available (CW is ignored) then go to queue? Any help is welcome.

My attempt was to create a queue with the no answer options but a queue rings all static agents in the list event if call as dialed in set and the agent has no answer destination to voicemail.