Follow Me and BLF

Hi Everyone,

  I've never posted before, but I have been enjoying FreePBX for quite awhile and appriciate all of the work that goes into advancing and maintaining a great Open Source project. Thanks to all the developers that keep it going!

  In my office, we use Follow me to ring multiple extensions. Usually, it is used in the office for managers that have a desk phone, at extension 14, and a DECT phone, on Extension 214. I use follow me, and it works a treat. The other issue I have though, is that users representation on their BLF lights throughout the office.

 When people dial extension 14, all the BLF lights for that user blink, and everything is fine. When the manager picks up the call on his DECT extension on ext 214, the BLF light goes out. People think that he is not on the phone, and they get all over his back for not taking a second call they are putting through.... I know that this is logically correct, because the desk phone is not ringing anymore, but I was wondering if any of the gurus here might have a solution or maybe a feature I am not enabling to produce my desired effect. 

Thanks for looking at my issue. I appriciate your time and effort! --JM

I deleted this post out of Tips and Tricks, and moved it here to see if it can get more attention. Sorry to repost.

What type of phones are you using? And does the DECT phone support BLF?

A combination of SNOM and Yealink Phones. The DECT supports BLF as to the effect of showing that the DECT is in a call when the handset dials out on its own, and when it recieves a call directed soley to its extension, 214.

Thanks for your help. --JM