FM/FM w/Call Confirmation not working correctly

We have implemented FM/FM with Call Confirmation on a few extensions for maintenance users that have no real desk phone but still need to receive calls on their cell phone. We’ve discovered that if a call comes in and the receptionist uses a BLF to transfer the call everything works as expected. However, if the receptionist (or anyone) presses the “Transfer” button and then the users extension and then hangs up (to transfer the call), the cell phone rings and when the user presses “1” to accept the call, the system says “I’m sorry, the incoming call is no longer available.” The same thing happens when you try to listen to the caller id. BUT, if the transferring party continues with the attended transfer by waiting for the cell phone user to answer and accept the call, the call will be transferred successfully once the transferring party hangs up. We would like for it to work so that someone can press the transfer button, extension, and then just hang up like a normal transfer. I’ve tried everything I can think of with no success. Thanks in advance for your help!

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