Flowroute vs Sipstation

I got a 800 number that I run on Sipstation but the pricing for Flowroute looks like I can save significant dollars. I created a ticket and asked Sangoma to match or explain the price I’m seeing advertised on Flowroute and have provided the pricing listed on their website, but they have not answered the question fully or provided a match. Is Flowroute a better deal in terms of cost per min? I need a reliable enterprise level service. Not sure if Flowroute has other fees beyond what is advertised. Thanks for your help.

I can’t speak for Sipstation, but we’ve been customers with Flowroute(now Intrado) for several years. We’ve had no issues and they’re absolutely enterprise level. Our rates are: $0.50/DID (free port-in) and $1.39/E911. Inbound/outbound is around the industry standard of $0.009/min (they’re metered, per minute; no unlimited trunking as far as I’m aware).

not sure you’re going to get an answer via ticket or post here … if you have volume call in and speak with sales

does flowroute have costs beyond whats stated sure , they recently announced a general across the board increase last week - things change … haven’t really dug into the why but some tax they need to handle differently

anyway if you have trouble reaching sales feel free to call me directly

Flowroute is a better deal as long as you don’t need SMS. Sangoma has decided to not support any SMS unless you use their SIPSTATION trunks (and even then it doesn’t work on the mobile applications yet). If you use enough volume with Flowroute (100K +) then you can get even better pricing.

They are also offering a deal right now if you port in a new number not associated with Flowroute then you get a free port-in fee and 50% off per minute for the life of the number. That is 50% off inbound and outbound.

SIPSTATION has similar dynamic call volume but the only thing they guarantee is 1 line per trunk with overflow coming out of your pre-pay balance. They also charge 1.5 cents per min. for all calls where Flowroute is 0.5 cents with a new port in. SMS is really the only deal breaker here unless you can write your own SMS module / asterisk plan to use the Flowroute REST api.

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