Flowroute TLS Requirements

We are in the process of changing our SIP provider to Flowroute. We are planning to use TLS and IP Authentication for our Trunk setup. I followed the guide here HOW TO - Flowroute Trunk with Proper Use of IP Auth and new PoPs and the Flowroute guide for TLS Requirements TLS Requirements.

In Flowroute >> INTERCONNECTION >> Inbound Routes, I tried to set a new inbound route as specified in the Flowroute guide for TLS Requirements:

ROUTE: yourdomain.com;transport=tls

But I am getting an error Error: All: Enter a valid SIP URI. I feel I need to add sip:[email protected];transport=tls but not sure what is the user to put here. Appreciate your help.

The line will be active next week but I am trying to get the setup done so we minimize down time

If you have a default install, then your TLS listening port is 5061

So in flowroute, you need to specify: wtf.domain.com:5061;transport=tls

Thanks @sorvani, I am still getting the same error Error: All: Enter a valid SIP URI, I tried sip:[email protected]:5061;transport=tls and that seems to work but I do not know what is the user to use here?

You have no user.


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That fixed it. Thank you @sorvani.

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