Flowroute - Host based authentication

I’m so close to completing the configuration of my test FreePBX system but running into a few snags it seems at the end.

I have a single DID with flowroute that I picked up for testing purposes. I originally used SIP registration and was ultimately able to make and receive calls. After chatting with Flowroute they suggest using Host based route and disabling the SIP credentials. They were able to talk me through setting that up on their end of things but now I can’t get it going in FreePBX. Calling the DID now returns an error of “You have reached a non working number”

I’m getting a little confused with where I need to enter the Tech Prefix. I deleted the existing Trunk and started fresh with creating a new one. According to a document on the Flowroute support site it said I only need to enter it in the Outbound Dial Prefix field of the Dialed Number Manipulation Rules section. I did that and have no other info in the new Trunk except Trunk Name, Outbound CallerID, clicked Submit, Apply Changes and even restarted FreePBX like the document suggested.


Has anyone done this successfully? What am I missing?

You need both trunk definition and inbound/outbound routes. Trunk definition must be set according to specific instructions you should be getting from Flowroute.
Routes have a part that you can define, like prefix and another part that also needs to match what Flowroute expects to receive and that is the matched string, for example if they expect 7 or 10 digits.

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