Flowroute Direct IP?

Anybody successfully configured Flowroute Direct IP (instead of using SIP registration)?

If so, would you mind sharing your steps?

Much appreciated

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Just prepend your *nnnnnnn string to your dial and the dial needs to be 11digit nanp 1nxxnxxxxxx

Uhm, That will not just make it work.

  1. You have to have your PBX WAN IP set in the “Outbound IPs” list on Flowroute
  2. You need to route your DIDs to the WAN IP of your PBX (proper IP:Port)
  3. Your trunk (be it Chan_SIP or PJSIP) has to be set as a PEER trunk. No registration, etc.
  4. Your fromuser/fromdomain need to be correct.
  5. You need to prepend your tech prefix to the outbound calls. Which is nnnnnn* not *nnnnnn (n being the numbers)

There is also a guide on their site for FreePBX, it’s Chan_SIP only though. Knowing which SIP driver (Chan_SIP or PJSIP) you are going to use would make offering you steps to set this up a little easier.

But just adding the tech prefix to Dial() is not the only thing you need to do.

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