Flite says Display Name of user, followed by the word 'bar'


CentOS 5 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5 x86_64
Asterisk 1.8.0

I found Swift didn’t work with Directory for me so I installed Flite from http://zaf.github.com/Asterisk-Flite/

This works a treat (when Text to Speech) is selected. However the person’s name is followed by what I assume is the pronunciation of the symbol | (bar) used as a separator I guess.

How to I stop this effect please? I have removed swift.

It looks like there is an option in FreePBX to do the voicemail greeting but I think it falls back to spell name. I’m just sticking with TTS by default.

I believe I have a quick fix for this as I was having the same problem. It comes from the directory AGI script incorrectly providing the parameters to Flite for Asterisk 1.8. The parameters should be separated by a comma (,) instead of a bar (|). To fix this, edit the /var/www/html/admin/modules/directory/agi-bin/directory.lib.php file and modify the call to the Flite application. Search for the following code:

$ret=$this->agi->exec(‘Flite "’.$con[‘name’].’"|’.$keys);

and replace with

$ret=$this->agi->exec(‘Flite "’.$con[‘name’].’",’.$keys);

Restart Asterisk by reloading FreePBX and you should be all set.

Thanks for that fix there Justin! Just the job… I wonder if you fancy submitting it to the guys for inclusion in forthcoming releases?

As you are using this speech feature. I wonder if you have the issue I have described in http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/users/directory-voicemail-text-to-speech-spell-name-priority-order

I see in the php you referenced, there are tests for failing from recorded name to spell. Does your php stretch to altering the priorities to try speech before resorting to spell in Directory? Of course assuming your share my view that the order seems silly… :slight_smile:


I think the more appropriate long-term fix would involve some detection of the current Asterisk version in this module to dynamically change the way in which the FLite application is called which is a little beyond my capabilities. Since I was more interested in a quick fix to get my 1.8 system functional with the same capabilities for my existing dialplan. Perhaps you or I could submit this request to the group maintaining this module however.

To answer your 2nd question, I’m using all TTS for directory so it doesn’t do any kind of fallback to spell.

Yes it will be fixed shortly. The module was developed for Asterisk 1.4 only and that is what our 2500 customers were using it on. Now that we have rolled the FreePBX Distro with asterisk 1.8 it has forced us to fix about 20 of our own modules to work with 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 since all 3 version have suttle changes.

Seeing as we dont support Asterisk 1.2 anymore, there is no need to check the version. Fixed in: http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/5088

Re the TTS for Directory. I was shooting for Voicemail Greeting (if recorded) to be played instead of TTS. The ‘spell name’ is way too annoying… :slight_smile:

Am I missing something, but it seems like there is no way of doing this currently? Is there a reason why this is not a useful idea?

Cheers now

I would appreciate any advice please…

I’m having the same issue with the word “bar” being said in the directory, except mine says, “barkwell” or “barq well” I can’t quite understand it, I already replaced the | with a comma and restarted asterisk, with no fix… what would make it say this?