Flashing Sangoma Logo


In the morning people report when their S700 wakes for the day, “Sangoma Technologies” flashes on the top of the phone until the handset is picked up and after hanging up, it no longer flashes.

Is there a setting for this in EPM so it never flashes?


What do you mean ‘wakes for the day’? Also, I’ve never seen that, and I have a bunch of them around me 8)

The Screen Saver and Backlight Schedule starts at 8am and the phone backlight comes on. At this time the logo starts flashing on the very top of phone and continues until they pickup handset. I also have several Sangoma S700 and only the ones registered to the PBXact appliance have this anomaly.

What firmware do you have.

1.48 (

I dont have the issue here but I am on

The system you dont have the issue on what firmware are those phones?


I really don’t think it’s firmware. I’ve been asked to upgrade and downgrade firmware at least a 1/2 dozen times on this appliance and it’s always behaved this way. I’ve been at 1.39 and every firmware up to 1.48.

OK well I am not sure and something like this is best in support and they can try and get to the bottom of it.

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