Flash Panel Operator and over 39 extensions


Is there a way to modify the flash panel operator screen to display more than 39 extensions? Thanks.

You could edit the config files manualy, and then set them readonly.

Yes you can but you’ll need to edit several files.

This file is the layout file for the “buttons” and the button areas. You’ll need to adjust the width line in the area definitions to allow for a wider area, and also possibly the x and y height lines for some areas to move things around to make more room where needed.

This file needs the most work. You’ll want to take the lines from the general section and duplicate them down below for easy tracking. The code uses the last line defined so more then one does not hurt. The important one is
btn_width= We have this set to 163

Others you might need to look at are

show_clid_info= (If you set this to 1 then you will probably need the two bellow)





Basically I dropped a point on font size and gained a lot of room to get a whole third column.

at around line 32 has these lines
The numbers correspond to the slots created for placing items. This will allow the buttons to be updated properly every time you add or remove a extension and the config is re-generated.

Each of the mentioned files get’s “replaced” when portions of freepbx get updated to a new version so make sure you make backups just to be safe.

I expanded the trunks section to show our T1+extra lines, stacked the Parked and Conferences (Yes don’t have that working yet), removed queues as we don’t use them and have three full columns on the left for extensions so I get a total of 59 extensions currently.


I want to change the extensions to show more extensions.

What exact changes would I make to increase to 50 extensions?



50 i not a doable number as there are 20 slots per column and the first column uses the first slot. So 19, 39, 59,…

You need to sit down and do the match based on your preferance for font sizesm etc and what looks good to you in a button. if you only use first names in a button you don’t need a lot of width, if you use first and last name then you do.

You have to take a look at what the defaults are and play around.

I don’t give out my settings as every time I do people complain it does not work for them because of one thing or another.

it’s simple match you just need to sit down and plan it out and do the calculations.

I have found that using excel or similar spreadsheet program helped me to layout the entire screen. I had to adjust the X and Y factors for the sections, the legend sections values and then the button position. I read earlier that if you edit the /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_op_conf_mysql.pl you can specify what position to put certain buttons…unfortunately, when you update, it changes so you would have to make a backup of the correct file and then replace it each time. I am going to try to comment out the op_buttons_additional and put the settings in the op_buttons_custom file. I will report back to let everyone know.