Flash panel in 2.8.1 causes unnecessare communication, flickering

Version 2.8.1

This could be solved in 2.9, in that case …
(Im in this on a friends request.)

The flash panel flicks pritty much on slower networks.
I run a bit of wireshark on it and found out a few things.
"GET panel/variables.txt?.."
The answer contains:ETag: "2b483bb-11f0-b61e43c0"
So if this ETag is correctly used, more then header should not be fetched.
Flash also tries to load a “panel/background.jpg” which does not seem to be included in the installation. (Oh there is a simple fix :-’)

Cause this is not properly done the panel flickers unneeded.
There is more than one way to avoid it.
1 Use ETag:
2 Compare received contents(excluding date) if not ETag is properly set.

Is there any plans for this, is it allready solved.
In other case if you doesnt have the time… perhapes i could help.

Johan H

FOP is not written by the FreePBX team.

You can add a background yourself to /var/www/html/panel

FOP is end of life and FOP2 is not GPL so we can’t include it.

Some discussion has taken place regarding removing FOP.

FOP2 and iSyphony both have FreePBX plug ins.

You might want to go to www.fop2.com or www.asternic.com (fop site) same author, Nicolas and he is a really approachable nice guy.