Flash Operator Panel

Whenever I try to do something in the Flash Operator Panel, it asks me for a security code. I do not know what it is or how to set/change it. Does anyone know? Thanks!

Almost everything you’d ever like to know about the FOP can be found in one of two locations. Documentation for the version you have loaded is located at /var/www/html/panel. The author for the FOP has his own site at www.asternic.org there is a lot of good info located there.

But also take the time to look at the config files on the system.

Start at /etc/amportal.conf search for FOP…

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To clarify a bit:
I the password can be found in /etc/amportal.conf
This file is generated automatically so in order to change it you must alter the value under “General Settings” in the “settings” drop down list within FreePBX.

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The fop security passcode is the same as the admin password the one you use to log into you web portal.
Hope this help you

Thanks for the response on this…You understand you just responded to a five year old post?