Flash Operator Panel is not available - any alternative?

FREEPBX - Stable-1.815.210.58 – I need Flash Operator Panel or similar

In older versions there was a Flash Operator Panel, that I can monitor and spy active calls. I see that new Flash Operator Panel is not free, but maybe any alternative?

BTW: is available any module that displays Volume Unit (VU) meter of a channel?

FOP2 is “free” for less than 15 monitored endpoints. If you have more than that then the license fee is very reasonable for what you get.

As to levels,

dahdi_monitor --help

might indeed help for dahdi channels, it is useful for tuning the “2-4 wire hybrid” for such channels to setup your rxgain and txgain in chan_dahdi.conf. It is best to tune such cnannels against a “milliwatt test” channel, there is one built into asterisk for TX, you will need to find a local one for RX. A properly balanced hybrid will make the world of difference to your echo also.

SIP and IAX2 channels tend to be self normalized as there is no hybrid involved, the TX and RX channels are completely separate , if the volume is too loud or too quiet on such calls it is probably the setting on the phone itself.

As mentioned FOP2 works well and is an excellent replacement for the old FOP panel. If you use queues in your PBX you may find Asternic Call Center stats very helpful as well It tells you who is answering calls, how long they’re on the call, who hungup the call, etc. Both are free for small users.

Even if you purchase it, its only $40-$80.

The support is pretty good too, if you have a problem the guy will email you back. The documentation is good.