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This email was from over a year ago - I am such a hoarder. However,
I’ve just been on IRC telling a user that ‘0|00612+XXXXXXXXX’ should
work (strip off zero, add 00612 to a 10 digit number starting with 0),
and it doesn’t - Greg, did you ever get this in? (There wasn’t an
attachment that I saw)


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Here’s the new fixlocalprefix script. This is untested… I tested
converting numbers, the regex, etc, and that part is working … but I
haven’t actually tested it with AMP/*. (I don’t have a test * box right

I’m on irc if anyone wants to try and has issues

Greg MacLellan wrote:

[quote] Rob Thomas wrote:

[quote] Problem demonstration 2:
FWD offer US Toll free when you prefix the number with a *, but I

[quote][quote] have dialled 0,0011 1 800 xxx xxxx … So I need to change ‘00011’ to

Hypothesis: fixlocalprefix.agi does the mangling of numbers, by
processing the string and making a regexp, and then running the

[quote][quote] over the number dialled. Why not generate the regexp at the commit
stage of AMP, and then hide it in a collapsible ‘expert’ area, as

[quote][quote] mentioned earlier.

[/quote] Actually, I’ve modified fixlocalprefix already to support patterns
like “00011|*+1800NXXXXXX”. I haven’t had a chance to test it at all
yet though, so it’s not in CVS or anything. I’ll do something with it
later today. I’m actually not sure why I didn’t do it to begin with,
must have overlooked it.

  • Greg MacLellan


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