[Fixed] Voicemail emails not sending


One of our systems seems to have stopped sending voicemail emails. There are no traces of the voicemail emails in \var\log\maillog

I’ve tried restarting postfix, rolling back the voicemail module to 15.0.21 (it was at 15.0.25) but still nothing.

Other emails work fine (updates notification, backup result, fail2ban)

Is there an option that disables voicemail emails completely or is there something like a service that manages these emails ?

More info:
The last voicemail email was sent on June 6th.

On June 11th, the following updates were done: (is it related ? no idea !)

Module(s) requiring upgrades: digium_phones, digiumaddoninstaller, endpoint,
firewall, sysadmin, userman
Upgrading module 'digium_phones' from 15.0.11 to 15.0.12
Module digium_phones successfully downloaded in 107 seconds
Upgrading module 'digiumaddoninstaller' from to
Module digiumaddoninstaller successfully downloaded in 118 seconds
Upgrading module 'endpoint' from to
Module endpoint successfully downloaded in 287 seconds
Upgrading module 'firewall' from 15.0.32 to 15.0.39
Downloading module 'firewall' failed after 145 seconds!
The following error(s) occured:
 - File Integrity failed for
/var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/firewall-15.0.39.tgz.gpg - aborting (sha1
did not match)
The automatic upgrade was aborted, and will be automatically retried in the
future. You can manually re-run the upgrade with 'fwconsole ma installall'
after resolving the error.

There was an error for the firewall update but it succeeded later.

It was a RAM issue

I saw the following event in the logs:
asterisk.c: Fork failed: Cannot allocate memory

fwconsole restart did the trick !

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