[FIXED] Some firstboot error occured - 64bit Distro

Hi all.

Ran a search on my error through the forum but, although several people have had the issue no-one has actually ever posted a solution and the last post was in Sep-13!

I’m installing the 64bit Alpha-10.13.66 distro on Hyper-V.
I have successfully installed about 5 different Freeswicth and Asterisk builds on Hyper-V so I know it’s nothing to do with how I configure my Virtual Switch or Internet connectivity to the Virtual environment…

After installing the Distro I get:-

Some firstboot error occured…
Check to see if you have internet access and re-run /etc/pbx_first_boot.sh

I have run the Distro install twice now, once with dhcp and once with a manual IP setup and get the same both times.

I haven’t a clue why I get the error or what I should even check to try to resolve the issue so all help is greatly appreciated.

I am not very familiar with linux (windows user here!) so if you are able to help can you please be quite specfic with the steps I need to follow? Thaniks in advance.

FreePBX Noob!



this doesn’t happen on the 32-bit build so appears to be an issue with the 64-bit Distro.

Would still be great if someone knows how to fix it. :smile:


Follow these instructions…

Just as an addendum, for those that are looking at this in the future (Hi! Do we have flying cars yet?) this is why we don’t support Hyper-V. It meddles with the firstboot process which breaks the install process. And THAT is why you have to trick HyperV into thinking the machine is ALREADY installed, before mounting the ISO.

It’s just one of those things. I’m sure there’s something somewhere to say ‘don’t mess with my installer’, but until someone who knows the intricacies of HyperV jumps in, we’re a bit stuck.