*Fixed* Caller Name Lookup problem after migrating to Trixbo


So I just migrated from an old server running Trixbox 2.0 to a new one running Trixbox 2.2. (I used the backup module to do a config backup on the old server, and then restored on the new one.) Now with Caller Name Lookup using HTTP, I get !DOCTYPE HTML PUB "-//IET displayed as the incoming number, rather than the name and number. If I go the URL that Caller Name Lookup is calling, I see the correct info.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Caller Name Lookup module - made no difference. I’ve pointed Caller Name Lookup to use the URL on my old server - no difference.

Based on that I can manually pull up the correct info in my browser, it seems like my php script (that Caller Name Lookup is calling) is working correctly. It seems like something isn’t working quite right with the module. Did I screw something up by backing up and restoring from different versions of Trixbox/Freepbx?

Edit oops. Turned out that I had forgotten to include in my httpd.conf as an allowed IP to access the URL. Sorry for the trouble.