[Fixed] 30 bad destinations listed on Dashboard

Dashboard says “There are 30 bad destinations”. Underneath that, it lists all of the destinations…

Announcement: AATIGreeting
Blacklist a number <*30>
Remove a number from the blacklist <*31>

etc, etc…
Running FreePBX 13.01RC1.3 upgraded from 12.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Thinking back to my last changes. I remember I accidently clicked on Download all or Upgrade all in the Module Admin. All the commercial modules installed, and so I am sure there was something that was not only not configured properly for one of the modules, but I know they were not registered either.

Had me scratching my head for a moment.

And what have you done to solve the error? I have exactly the same.

I disabled all of the commercial modules that I have not registered for nor needed in Module Administration.

I am using Asterisk 13 Beta , and 4 days ago I was with full updates and now I had like 30 modules for update and I make a backup and update it, Update went perfect but then I saw on the Dashboard that I have now 49 Bad Destinations, thats all my inbound routes and ring groups plus some default paths like *97 , 30 … I run the backup and downgrade all the modules to make everything back on working state. I did not had much time to check the logs but I notise “SIP Retransmission error” , and on the dashboard from FreePBX RC I see the bad destinations like following (49838383838/) I am really confused now, everything was working but the update did something.
My question here is : How should I properly run updates and backups and do I really need to run updates once the system is fully functioning ? The last updates involved a lot of things that have been removed and installed new, like the Framework.

I am using : Asterisk 13.5.0

You run the updates through module admin or the cli. Without seeing any errors there’s not much we can do

There were 26 updates on our Freepbx this morning , I did them and after on our Dashboard it says
"There are 83 bad destinations"

Not sure why , what is the fix for this please.

Disable all of the commercial modules that you are not using or not registered for. That is what I did.

It would be nice to get debug from someone on this issue so we can resolve it. Anyone?

If someone would like to let me help resolve this issue in the future please PM me with credentials of a system that is having this issue. Otherwise it will never be fixed as I can’t replicate it.

Still looking for someone to provide a server…

I have a received one PM but not a reply back.


Andrew, please send me your ssh public key (id_rsa.pub) and if you are working behind a fixed public ip address send me that IP as well and I will give you instructions on how to log in to my system via ssh.

The VPN support functionality is not working on my box (“Run Setup” never does its thing and I have config error on that VPN page).

Fixed in broadcast 13.0.4

Fixed confirmed here, thanks.