Fix for stuck status unavailbable/offline with DIGIUM PHONES

We ran into a very odd issue where post the last upgrade a lot of our phones were stuck in a status that we could not change. The phones would function as normal but the display was stuck and it would show that status on the BLF with the other d70’s.

Nothing would get these phones out, even reset to factory.

The solution that worked for us is a pain, but we have done now on 5 phones with success each time.

  1. Open ssh
  2. type
    vi /etc/asterisk/res_digium_phone_devices.conf
  3. Find the extenttion that is not working, and delete
  4. Reload the digium module
    asterisk -rx 'module reload’
    5.Now restore that phone to factory and press status. You will see only one status listed. Set the status to active by selecting (You might need to set it to DND first on the softkey). You will see the phone should have accepted this status.
  5. put the status’s back in the file which we removed earlier
    vi /etc/asterisk/res_digium_phone_devices.conf
  6. Reload the module
    asterisk -rx ‘module reload’
  7. Do one final restore to factory defaults and it should be back up and running.

THis is a complete pain, but we are successfully able to get the phones back to normal by doing this. All other options failed.


Thank you so much for putting this up here. I just came across this issue and had no idea what to do to get it working. I was able to resolve it following your instructions but tried a slight variation to reduce the amount of pain:

Instead of resetting the phone to factory defaults multiple times, I was able to just run the “Reconfigure” option using the “Digium Phones” DPMA module I installed that shows up in the “Connectivity” menu. Have a great day!

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