First PBX install/configuration

I’ve never used a PBX before, but my new company’s old box (running trixbox) crashed last week, so I’m trying to get them up and running using proper server hardware. I’ve got Debian running on an old Dell PowerEdge and managed to install FreePBX and Asterisk using the wiki.

The issue I’ve got now is: where to start? I’ve got a copy of the old PBX’s filesystem, but I’m not even sure where to look for configs, let alone which bits of data are relevant to this new setup. We had two copper lines running into a Sangoma A200 PCI card and then a handful of Polycom phones on the same wired network as the PBX.

I found General Settings- New Locations for 2.11 (“Sorry, new users can’t links into topics.”) after reading through the “First Steps After Installation” wiki page but found no information that was obviously “SIP Settings Are Here”.

So I suppose my questions really are: Where are SIP settings and is there documentation for what more/else there is to do for me to recreate our old setup?

Thanks in advance. =)

I am also new to PBX systems so here are my 2¢:

Where are SIP settings

Refer to

  1. Asterisk SIP Settings and other entries from that FreePBX wiki
  2. (?) tips in Freepbx web GUI almost on all pages
  3. Unified Communications with Elastix ebook. Vol 1 and Vol 2. Since both freebpx and elastix use Asterisk under the hood, the settings pages are similar, thus you may refer to this ebook too.
  4. Asterisk sample configuration files having lots of comment on configurations. If you built Asterisk from the source code then you can install the sample config files with make config. Note that do this in testing environment only, since running this on already installed environment will break your config files.

and is there documentation for what more/else there is to do for me to recreate our old setup?

IMO no. Probably you, as was with myself, will be advised to get a paid/commercial support from freepbx by the admins.

Happy callings! Kbeq.