First installation - extension problem


This is my first FreePBX installation. Everything’s working fine so far.

I have 1 problem that I can’t find the answer.

My extension number are 100-101-102.

If I don’t pickup the phone and dial anyway extension, my local call go through perfectly.

If I pickup the phone and start dialing an extension (same problem with I receive a phone call and trying to transfert), after the first 2 digits my phone start dialing and the call fail.

Please help me.

What brand and model of phone? Most likely the problem us with the digit map of the phone.

SoundPoint® IP 501 - Polycom


I have deployed a lot of Polycom phones. The problem is the digit map.

How are you provisioning the phones? From GUI or EPM?



Does the digit map have a *x

Dial Patterns that will use this Route is only X.

Sorry, I found the correct settings.

There is my Digitmap.


After some hours of reseach I found that digitmap.


Everything looks.