First FreePBX install, no outbound calls


so I am new (as of yesterday) to freepbx, trying to figure this out.

I am able to make inbound calls find (Plays hold music)
When i make an outbound call - all circuits are busy/please try again later.

Looking though other posts i have found out how to look at the logs and find that the Hangupcause = 20

Another weird issue is in SIPSTATION SIP pint is UNREACHABLE

I am using a Cisco ASA 5505
One-to-One NAT
forwarding outside-in UDP 5060-5080, 10000-20000


You should also not have to forward those ports. The registration should open the reverse path pinhole in the firewall. Make sure you have UDP SIP FIXUP set to ‘no’ in the ASA.

Out of curiosity, why did you forward 5060-5080? SIP only uses UDP 5060. Did you find a document somewhere that told you to do that? If so please let the author know it is wrong.

i do have the outbound routes setup.

I did read somewhere that those ports should be setup, i just put them in in the course of troubleshooting.

I do not have fixup set.

Did you make outbound route(s) ?

Found out what it was.

I created an inspection map for sip, set the security level to low and applied it in the security policy.

Using ASDM. All is well!