First call on ATA fails if ATA left idle for a 'while'

I’m sure this isn’t anything to do with FreePBX, but rather my Linksys ATA - just wondering if anyone has experienced when you maybe haven’t used the phone in a few hours, you go to place a call, and the very first attempt you make results in an error tone? Then the next and EVERY subsequent attempt work just fine? There’s no record of the call in the FreePBX logs at all. It’s sort of like the ATA has ‘gone to sleep’ and the abortive attempt attempt ‘wakes it up’. Next time I go to use the ATA I’ll be sure to ascertain for definite if there’s a dial tone or not…
This has happened a few times over the last few weeks and it’s not exactly helping with the WAF! To reiterate, I’m sure it’s not FreePBX itself. This is a Spa3000 which behaves itself rather well apart from this (just the odd DTMF miss). Firmware is 3.1.20(GW) which is the latest there is as far as I’m aware.

Thank you

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