First boot and basic install question

I am new to all PBX systems and install process. I just purchased a new(used computer) to dedicate a drive for the system. I downloaded
the iso file and extracted it to an empty 8 gig thumb drive and changed my bios to first boot to that removable drive. all i get is a blinking courser. am i going about this correctly and is it true you need a dedicated drive to install pbx? The install directions
state to burn iso to a dvd however is it doable with a thumb drive.
any thoughts on why my system is not running a set up process of the iso?

It’s not really doable from a thumb drive at this time.

We are actively looking for people to help with this process however.

Burned and installed astrix 1.8 today
Does free pbx require internet access or just basic dial tone
during the initial research i found this seems to be helpful info

seems i am new the above is just a little advanced for me and excited to try my new pbx if no internet connection is needed i can configure centos 6.3 later.
is free pbx configured through centos command line?

Im going through the procedures listed in the initial set up instructions
first i must connect to a network by the way the instructions look.
i go to update yum -y update
outputs-"couldn’t resolve host form mirrorlist free…"
However im not even sure if i have internet connection previous post tried to bypass internet connection but does not look like that is going be happening

fails internet access test on boot
msg=Some firstboot error occurred, and the system is not properly set up. check internet connection and re-run /ecft/
press ctrl,alt,f1 to continue

loads centos 6.3 when pressed

if you type nano a system config editor will appear
but i follow the instructions, here

for a striped down version below as follows
nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

outputs no such file or directory.
How do i create the file "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0"
or is this needed?

Ah, the ongoing question :slight_smile: how to make an iso/usb hybrid and where should the ks files be?

A simple resolution is to use syslinux’ isohybrid on the iso image, but because of the differences between where the kickstart files are located, there is no easy solution to usb sticks, various bios’ will make the stick /dev/sda or /dev/sdb, or whatever so changing the ks=cdrom:/x to ks=hd:sda1:/x whatever is incomplete, either use the preboot script to compute where the various drives are ( a pain) or as I use as an ad-hoc solution, move your kickstart files into the initrd.img under /ks and use ks=file:/ks/x.

Pretty simple and IWFM, I can further elucidate if you want to pm me.