Firmware choices in Commercial End Point Manager (CEPM)

In the CEPM there is a drop down menu box for firmware. In it I can see only one choice (recommended). How are additional choices added? How is a specific firmware version specified?

If you click on the Firmware Management section you can select your brand and drag the additional Firmware options into the empty slots to make them available for your phone templates.

thank you

Well, when I go to the firmware manager and select snom thenI am presented with three drag and drop slots. However, the version numbers in the available slot do not map to any firmware version number for the snom870 that I recognize.

I have four choices given in the available firmware slot: 0.00, 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02. However, the snom870 phones ship with 8.4.20 and the current revision available from snom is 8.7.19. Clearly there is something else that needs to be done to provision the phones with the latest firmware. What is that procedure?

When you drag 1.02 to one of the slots it will show you the firmware version inside that packageā€¦ in the 1.02 example the firmware is S-870, firmware in 1.01 is S-870

When I drag 1.02 into firmware slot 1 and press submit then I get the following error:

Firmware download failed.
Please resubmit to try again.

Plus, the firmware selection page evidently enters some sort of javascript loop which causes it to send modal messages that it cannot refresh the page unless it resends the data. Which is a bit irritating when one is on another browser tab trying to get help.