Firmware on S700 with EXP100 loses connection


Just installed firmware on all my phones S300, S500, S700 with and without EXP100. All went smoothly except the S700’s with EXP100. Those phones show a Red X on the line keys, and all the other BLF’s are out, especially on the EXP100.

Downgrading the firmware to does not fix the problem, nor does reregistering the phones.

Any suggestions on how to get these back up and running ASAP?!


I can not re-create this You sure all you did was firmware update nothing else? In our office we all have S700 with a Exp100 and been on that firmare for 3 weeks with no issues

What firmware do you have on the exp?

The only other process was several hour earlier. I updated all the modules to the latest Edge Release. That included End Point Manager.

I have the latest version of the EXP firmware as well. I don’t remember the exact version and I’m not physically near them at the moment.

I would say revert your edge EPM and rebuild config.

I’ll give that a try tomorrow morning.

Ok, here’s the solution that worked.

EPM was updated to last night, so I upgraded to that.

On the S700’s with Expansion modules, I changed to a template that didn’t use the Expansion Module. That let me communicate with them through EPM. I then updated the templates and phones with the new version of the EPM.

After updating the phones, I changed the template back to one that uses the EXP100 and updated the phones.

Everything now works again.

Ya be prepared when using edge modules for bugs. That is why edge is designed for testing of changes and they are in edge until they pass QA.

Understood. The quality of the releases have been pretty bug free lately, so I got careless.

Does the 4th dot position in the release number indicate an Edge Release? i.e. versus 13.0.99

No. Generally modules are published to edge, and once they pass QA and if no issues are noted, they go to the stable repo. The version number does not change when it goes from edge to stable.

Got it. Thanks!

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This issue is happening again, on a regular basis.

I am now on
S700 Firmware
EXP100 Firmware
Endpoint Manager

But it has happened with every version in between this starting back in November and now.

Any time a phone with an EXP100 attached is rebooted, it cannot be used to make calls, shows a Red X through the Line keys icon, and the Expansion Button Icons are blank.

If I follow the procedure I describe above, I can get the phones working again. But that is just a temporary fix.


I just created a bug for this on the issue tracker.

I seem to be having the same issue using Yealink T46G with expansion module. If I logout of the phone using EPM and log back in the BLF’s usually come back. If I provision the Expansion module using the phone GUI I don’t have the issue.