Firewall with SIP Line issue

Hi everybody,

Since a long this forum is considered as an third party tech for me, for many issues that i am facing up, most of the time by posting my issue i find out what was exactly happened and got solve.

For example : losing configuration for analog and digital card on each reboot this is no longer a matter for me at this time. :slight_smile:

Many Thanks for you all.

Okay, a few days ago a friend has contacted me for a help about his SIP Line that causes problem each time the Fortinate is connected on his LAN . He received the SIP line from a ISP and it s come via internet. He told me a firewall is configured into the Fortinate router.

I already heard about this kind of issue (one way audio for remote xtension ) but which i found out by configuring the RTP ports on my router.

However, no remote xtension in this case, as all inbound and outbound calls are throu the SIP , calls are blocked each time the Fortinate is connected on this LAN. however, remove the firewall router on the LAN no problem.

If someone already experienced this kind issue and got resolve ,please share with me .

Thanks !

assuming your buddy has opened and forwarded the correct ports, i suggest talking to forigate. i know of several sites that used them, but it required some strange settings and although they got them to work, they eventually moved to other solutions.

I used them on one of my installs and never had any of these problems.

Thanks Guys,

There are a bunch of RTP ports that i usually open on the router side to get voice resolve for remote extension. I think i will try it.

Let me know your thoughts if you have a better idea.

Thanks !