Firewall Wild Cards?

Friends, under Firewall > Network Interfaces, is it possible to use a use a wild card for an IP address? i.e. 193...* ??? I’m trying to use and connect a SIP client on my cellphone, but the provider constantly changes IP’s and they don’t offer a static IP as part of the service - which doesn’t surprise me considering the nature of cell tech.

Wildcards in network language are better referred to as ‘networks’, In general addresses are ‘awarded’ within the same network each time they get reassigned, you might try

whois|egrep -i "CIDR|NetRange"

every time the phone’s address changes and compare, if they are always in the same network then allow the underlying ‘network’

Be aware that many cell phones are in huge sub-nets (apple for one) and although I see exceedingly few attacks from such networks , you should be cautious and don’t use a ‘SIP’ port between 5000 and 5999

ah…thank you so much my friend. Pizza and beer will be bestowed upon you when least expected.

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