Firewall Status > Status Overview won't load

I have an Asterisk 13.17.1 FreePBX

Under Connectivity > Firewall > Status > Status Overview
The of status frequently shows nothing more than Loading…

When going to the Blocked Hosts tab, I get more of the same, it frequently won’t load the current list of blocked hosts.


And a related question:

Where is this information coming from? Is there a log or other file I can parse to get this information?

Have you had a response to this question?
Recently I have been having this exact problem.
If I click on status, I never get a response. In fact the system becomes unresponsive and I can’t get any other menu to load for a few minutes. However the server is alive, I can ping it.
This device is not live yet, so I don’t know if the phones continue to work. I am connecting remotely.
I’m using Chrome on FreePBX

Now I get an error
Whoops\exception\errorexception exec():unable to fork [locale -a] File:/var/www/html/admin/libraries/bmo/view.class.php.118

Hope I typed that error correctly, I had to screenshot the error and type it in here.

I should probebly create a new thread, but here is an update.
After I had the whole unresponsive issue, and the error, I went to the dashboard and saw that the memory usage was at %100 and the swap file was also at %100.
At that point, when navigating other menus, many would throw an error similar to the one in my previous posting.
I ssh’d into the server and did a reboot.
After logging into the web interface, I went to the firewall status pages and they loaded instantly with relevant information.

I had the same issue and I just restarted the firewall service from a command line.

fwconsole firewall stop
fwconsole firewall start

I might have been able to do a restart instead but I am not a Linux guru. This only puts a band aid on the problem though. What is causing it I don’t know.

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I checked this morning and the problem appears to still excist.
I never get any results when checking the firewall status using the FreePBX interface.
Version is FreePBX
When I check the memory status, thee appears to be slow but steady increase in the swap use.
Memory use doesn’t appear to be very high.
This system is going live Monday, so this is a concern.
I was able to resolve the issue from the web interface by going to connectivity>firewall and disabling and re-enabling the firewall.
The swap use didn’t change much, so that may not be related to this issue.

Problem still exists.

From what I have read in the error logs the status/blocked hosts will timeout then reprocess MULTIPLE times until it loads fast enough to prevent the timeout. Seems to happen on large or very active servers.

I don’t have a large (only 12 ext) or very active (about 40 calls a day) server, yet these status will rarely ever load after the server has been up for 6+ hours. restarting the firewall service always brings it back, but - UG.

@xrobau spruced this up recently. Give Firewall a try.

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