Firewall setting

Is there a firewall setting on the FreePBX server that denies UDP traffic from remote or specific IP addresses? I’m trying to solve an issue with remote phones not working with DPMA and it was suggested that this may be the cause. But I’m not sure where to look for this setting?

Well, fail2ban will auto-ban IPs that fail registration after a certain number of attempts…

You should probably check iptables from a shell session:

service iptables status

or on CentOS7

service firewalld status

Thanks for the reply.

I can get the phone to find and connect to the network using SIP info (user ID and password) but I can not get it to fetch a user list using DPMA. I also have the WAN IP where the phone is located whitelisted in my system admin>intrusion detection. I also do not see that IP in my iptables when running the command above. I stopped iptables briefly and tried to connect the phone via DPMA and that did not work either.