Firewall questions in setting up FreePBX on a VirtualBox VM

I am configuring FreePBX on a VirtualBox VM and it started suggesting that I place the machine in the DMZ. The host is Windows 10 running on a laptop. This installation is just for learning so I’ll probably not set up the firewall on the VM and just take a snapshot to revert back to a pristine install.

I’d still like to know how to put the VM in the DMZ. I Googled a few things about Windows Defender but could not find anything that discussed that.

Just set up a bridged adapter. The combination of your hardware router/firewall and the software firewall in FreePBX should be plenty of protection – you don’t need a third firewall to complicate matters.

hello but your need is external access to your VM in your notebook? I did not quite understand what you need.

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