Firewall & QoS Settings for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter?

Does anyone have any guidelines for configuring EdgeOS (specifically a ER-X) for FreePBX for use with I am reading mixed info as to whether I need 5060 and 10000-20000 explicitly forwarded (FreePBX is behind NAT) or not.

Also, does the EdgeOS Smart Queue work well with VoIP or should I set that up manually? I see the guide outlined here, but I’m not sure if that corresponds with the guidelines here.

The FreePBX will only be hosting about 10 phones/extensions and up to 3 or 4 simultaneous calls.

Thanks all.

10000-20000 should be opened regardless as the media comes directly from different gateways. If you are connecting to via sip registration then you do not need port 5060 port forwarded. If you are authenticating via IP Address then you will need port 5060 forwarded. On the Edgerouter X I would personally enable it…