Firewall Meltdown

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I seem to be having a major issue with my firewall on my freePBX server version: 3.10.0-957.21.3.e17
the server boots up and show a IPV6 address and not a IPV4 address I’m use to. Its stuck in a loop saying the firewall is currupted. Not to sure how to pull the logs without being able to access the GUI. Any help would be appreciated.


Are you using DHCP to get your address?

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Yes my router is attached to my switch supplying the IPs to the phone server.


Then the router (layer 3) will assign the address, switches are generally layer 2 only and don’t speak IP , if you have ipv4 address(es) available you will need to tell the router to prefer it.

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I just noticed that the router is not actually assigning anything to the phone server. Must be a self generated IP then?. Is there a command i can use to force the phone server to find a new IP? I had to replace the router and realized the IP reservation didnt transfer over to the new one


No, but you can set a static IP, netmask and default route.

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I am not sure how I can set a static IP if DHCP is not even seeing the server to give one too.


You statically set IP addresses, masks and routes (and name-servers) without DHCP of any kind, you do have to be on a network that is connected to the internet and know it’s subnet and gateway of course.

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When i type that command the who screen just shows blue lines on the left of the screen.


What command? post a screen shot of the “who screen”

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I have gotten back into the GUI. Which I prefer and I try to rerun the Firewall setup and it does not help.

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Here is the dashboard on IPV6 system is offline.


Sorry, I don’t know anything about commercial modules. But I would right away fix all the warnings until you only see green stuff

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Im dead in the water and cant fix the main warning without being online. Where should I be asking the question for this, please?


Here is good, just not me :slight_smile:

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Thank you for trying. Looks like im going to have to wipe the server and try to restore it with a backup.

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