Firewall keeps blocking all IPs

I have the new distro. For some reason, no matter what, the firewall blocks every ip and I have to go into virtualbox and stop the firewall. I have even whitelisted my ip. What am I missing here?


What is the new distro for you? The current stable one with FreePBX 13 or the beta one with FreePBX 14?

What we are missing is logs and/or screenshots…

Personally I won’t be able to help you as I don’t use the FreePBX firewall but I know that you are not giving people that can help you much to go on…

Have a nice day!


what logs do you need? It will work for an hour and then randomly block everything. I am on version 13 with all updates ran.


If this is truly a FreePBX firewall problem then I won’t be able to help you as I don’t use the FreePBX firewall. I already have something in place I am quite satisfied with…

Are you sure it is not fail2ban which is blocking those IPs?

(If you have System Admin Pro you will see the IPs fail2ban blocked under Intrusion detection.)

If you are truly convinced it’s a FreePBX firewall problem give more information about your configuration. How your network interface(s?) are configured, etc…

If there is a status page (there is most likely one), take a screen capture, etc…

Give as much information as you can think of because right now there is nothing to go on…

Good luck and have a nice day!


yes because when I stop the firewall everything works


I don’t know how that firewall works but to me it suggests it dynamically added rule, a little like fail2ban…

If so, there should be a way to have it output it’s rules, maybe

iptables -L


I wouldn’t be surprised that it has it’s own log somewhere (Asterisk Logfiles maybe?).

Good luck and have a nice day!