Firewall Issues

Running FreePBX 13, Asterisk 13, Firewall

Recently switched from iptables/fail2ban to Firewall and nothing but problems. Firewall blocking hosts in known good hosts (with same ip, not changing). It was blocking users who were power cycling phones, and now its blocking known, registered users who were online, registered and taking calls at the time of blocking.

Anyone else dealt with this? Or, is anyone using some other type of firewall system. Im using a VM with a host so hardware firewall not possible. Thanks in advance for any help.

Move to FreePBX 14 which gets fixes and improvememts. 13 is not getting fixes and features and alot of improvements were made in firewall in 14

Thank you for the feedback. Can you link me to where the changes from 13-14 would be listed? I have a test 14 server running and the firewall versions are the same (being up to date

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