Firewall Integrity Failed

Hi All

I have been trying for a while now to resolve this but nothing seems to work.

I constantly have the warning “Firewall Integrity Failed” when i go to resolve it nothing fixes the issue.

it tells me interface eth0 is not in the correct zone. For the record it is in the trusted zone. When i place it in the External zone as recommended by the firewall module, I get a half scrambled reloaded page which i cannot apply changed to as i then get an error. Basically i am left having to hard reboot the system as if i hit the dashboard button it can no longer find the server.

What is the solution to this?

Submit a ticket on this. There’s something seriously wrong with your installation.

Important note: an interface should never be in the “trusted” zone. It should either be internal (which disables the firewall on that interface) or external (which enables the firewall). If your system is failing when you put the interface into the External zone, there is definitely a problem.

If you want us to help, you need to help us troubleshoot. We need a lot more information.

It is.premature to file a ticket until someone knowledgeable can tease out what specifically is going on here. Perhaps you can run:

tail -f /tmp/firewall.log

Then trigger the error and watch the output.