Firewall external connection

I want to enable firewall on the remote server and have an access to it from external IP (for updates, logs etc.) So I need to enable firewall but also add rules to have an access from external IP.
What I did:

  1. Enable firewall
  2. Add my IP to the trusted zone (MyIP/32 -> Trusted)
    But anyway I was not able to receive access to WebGUI interface or SSH connection.
    After that, I changed settings and enabled external access to SSH, Web Manager and Web Manager (Secure).
    SSH -> External, Internal
    Web Manager -> -> External, Internal
    Web Manager (Secure) -> External, Internal
    But that didn’t help me.
    When I disabled firewall I wasn’t able to connect to WebGUI interface or SSH. Only after service iptables restart I received an access but without firewall.

Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Do I need to make any other config changes

MyIP/24 -> Trusted

One more question:
I have only one connection
eth2 IP Address:

Should I use internal or external rule for it?

i would make sure it is in the trusted list and mark the interface as external

You shouldn’t care about the IP address of the interface. The ‘zone’ you assign to an interface means ‘Any traffic I don’t otherwise know about should be treated as …’. This is almost always ‘external’.

I add my external IP and IP address of my server to trusted networks. But when I changing interface from trusted to external it is blocking any access, so it is not allowing internal or external access. Only after “service iptables restart” I can login.

Are you sure you’re adding the correct IP address? There’s a yellow box that says ‘Your IP address is not in the trusted zone’. If that box is there, click on the ‘add this automatically’ and then ‘add host’ button (and add network)

Yes. I can sent you screenshots. I add both host and network to the trusted network. But every-time it is blocking me.

How can I reset all firewall settings to default. Do you know any CLI command for that?

fwconsole ma uninstall firewall
fwconsole ma downloadinstall firewall