Firewall disabled after security update

A lot of our FreePBX boxes have recently updated due to a security vulnerability (which is fine), but we have just noticed that the FreePBX Firewall module has not been running on any of our boxes since the upgrade took place. The 2 servers this has most recently affected are on with all modules updated. We have had to log in to the command line and run fwconsole firewall start.

Is this intentional behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

Just chiming in to say that I checked on a whole bunch of FreePBX 14 servers that had this auto-update performed and didn’t see the firewall stopped/disabled on any of them.

Can you elaborate on where you’re seeing that the firewall is not running?

You sure your firewall was running. Nothing in the security upgrade touches the firewall module.

Strange - it’s showing on the dashboard that it isn’t running. I’m 99% sure it was running beforehand as we get automated security alerts when certain ports are exposed to the internet.

It may be totally unrelated to the update - I will try and remember if anything else has changed in that time.

Thanks for your help.

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