Firewall Custom Services

Hi there,

I am running FreePBX 14.0.13 I am trying to add a Firewall Custom Service port which I have from the GUI, for SMTP email. However, I am unable to view the port (open) outside of localhost. All the other Custom Service ports which came as standard with the install are accessible.

I have added and IPtables line in /etc/firewall-4.rules but still a closed port from outside. Also granted only root writeable access.

Any ideas?


Your request seems strange. Normally, a PBX would send mail (voicemails, notifications, etc.) but not receive any. Sending mail requires only outbound connections which are enabled by default and would not require opening any ports.

Please explain your application and issue in more detail.

I am not intending to receive email. I am using Postfix and an external Mail Server as relayhost to do the sending. I have been receiving “disconnected after initial server greeting” error. It has to authenticate to my PBX and do handshake (ACK, SYN) to establish connection and validate the sender domain.

My hosting external server company have specified port “290” to use for SMTP TLS.
I note in the Custom Services there are Pop3 and IMAP SSL that are open ports. I want mine to be added to those for same purpose.

Thank you!

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