Firewall and router

hi friends.
Wanna to ask is it possible use freepbx as firewall and router too,I mean is it possible to config its iptables to work as router to share internet at the same time with pbx

Yes, but it’s outside the scope of FreePBX, so you’ll need to ask whatever questions you’re going to have on places like the CentOS Discussion Forums.

If you’re an expert with IP Tables, you can use the configuration tools in FreePBX to manage this, but once again, it’s outside the scope of what FreePBX is designed to do.

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Actually there is a brand new feature in System Admin Pro that allows you to setup your PBX with a DHCP server so it will route traffic from your phone LAN to another NIC. Nothing in the wiki yet.


I could have used that like, literally, yesterday…

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I’ve set up two systems like this now (one in production) and gotta say it’s slick. DHCP option 66 is set automatically, so with EPM/Phone Apps provisioning, you just plug in the phone, login and dial. We need to pressure @xrobau to get a wiki page up.